10 reasons to try coworking now

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Are you a freelancer ? Do you often work from home, but feel frustrated ? If you’re still not convinced coworking is THE solution, here are ten reasons to change your mind !

1. Stay connected

Working from home means the only persons you will see are your spouse, your children (if you have children) and maybe your cat. From a long term perspective, working from home is not as efficient you’d think. Just check out below !

2. Find motivation among our peers

Working in a common space with other professionals will help you fight procrastination. You will be surrounded by busy bees. This will motivate you and keep you away from all those distractions waiting for you at home.

3. Breathe more life in your project

Another disadvantage of working from home: the odds of meeting someone who could help you with your project at the coffee machine are quite low. Chatting with other people often leads to new ideas and new viewpoints that will benefit your project.

4. Meet your clients in real meeting rooms

You certainly decorated your living room with great taste, but still: it’s a living room, not a meeting room. Most coworking spaces nowadays have fully equipped meeting rooms with white board, screen, electric plugs and internet connectivity.

5. Develop your professional network

It is quite hard to extend your network when you are mainly working from home. Coworking spaces give you the opportunity to meet other professionals around the coffee machine or at lunch, and add them to your network. Who knows? You might just bump into the right partner to get your project moving, or the supplier you were desperately trying to find!

6. Help with the environment

Coworking spaces share resources. One internet connection, one or two printers, one kitchen, one dishwasher… Sharing makes for better use of scarce resources, a bonus for the environment.

7. Enjoy flexibility

Coworking spaces offer a wide variety of packages: per day, per hour, per month… There is a lot more diversity and flexibility than with “traditional” offices, so you have a better chance to find an offer that suits your needs and your budget. Don’t need an office every day? No problem!

8. Attract young talents

Abolishing silo mentality, relaxing the dress code, working in creativity-inducing environments are must-haves for the younger generations. Attracting young talent is not easy, and providing another kind of work environment is a real asset. Demonstrate you see and do things differently by inviting your future workforce to cowork with you.

9. Get out of silo mentality

Working in an open space with professionals of all kinds will help you avoid the “silo effect” that stifles creativity in many companies. Coworking broadens your horizons and allows you to share insights with others.

10. Set clear boundaries between professional life and private life

Separating work and private life is crucial to developing a good lifetstyle and prevent depression and burnout.

So, are you convinced? Don’t hesitate to make an appointment to visit our coworking space!

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