Coworking at Hive5: 5 reasons to believe

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The Hive5 coworking experience is about much more than merely sharing an office space with freelancers and small companies. Here is why…


1°) You’ll enjoy the right atmosphere

‘Every time I enter the Hive5 floor, I get the same feeling,’ says Fred Wauters, founder of Ex Abrupto. ‘The common room is the first space you see. You can see people lounging of chatting casually, but somewhere in the corner, there are always people discussing plans around the white board, looking together at a computer and discussing, giving phone calls… It’s a busy little hive, and at the same time very relaxed. Once you move to the open space, the atmosphere changes: everyone is concentrated and you can see coworkers do everything to respect that concentration: they keep their voices low when talking together, get up and leave the open space to take a phone call…’


2 °) Interactions will be plentiful

‘What I really like about Hive5 is the possibility of interactions with other coworkers’, says Debora Mongiovi, business consultant and co-founder of Diiiz. ‘We are all entrepreneurs, and it’s nice to talk together and share experience and insights, or even ask for some advice. Not to mention the fact that you can always find new business opportunities!’


3 °) The infrastructure is just right

Not only will you find nice desks and comfortable chairs. The carpet and furniture make the environment less noisy; the large leisure space gives you ample opportunities to sit back and relax (especially in the comfy armchairs in one of the corners). ‘And there is also everything you need to work,’ Debora Mongiovi adds. ‘A scanner and a printer, meeting rooms with large screens for presentations, and creative rooms with a huge board to brainstorm and share ideas.’


4 °) The location is central

Another good thing about Hive5 is how central it is. Whether you come by metro, by tram, by bus or by train, the Merode public transport node is only 5 minutes away on foot. That’s how central it is. And, naturally, it is also accessible by car and bike. There is even a bike park for coworkers, and you can rent your own parking space if really you can’t imagine getting around without your car. 🙂


5 °) The Hive5 team is there to help

‘The cool thing about Hive5 is that there is always someone around to help,’ Debora Mongiovi adds. ‘Gaël, Nathalie and Zoltan are never far away, and they’re always ready to help. That really adds extra value to the place. Keep up the good work, guys!’



So, what do you think about giving it a try? And don’t take our word for it: you can try it for a day to see for yourself!

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