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Although summer is rarely synonymous with vacations for the entrepreneur, the beginning of September may be a tricky time because it coincides with a global recovery of the economic activity.

The business leader might face an additional workload but the situation can be rich in opportunities for the savvy entrepreneur.

Here are 5 tips for a successful return to work as an entrepreneur:


Have some perspective

September should serve as a checkpoint for a company. Take some time to look back and have some perspective of the past year.

The health crisis has created new challenges in our work organization and has turned the market upside down. What can we learn from this situation? The objective is not only to identify what went wrong, but also to target your successes during this period.

From this retrospection you should be able to identify your strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.


Rethinking your business

After the review, comes the change! Define your new objectives for the coming year: what do you want for your company?

It is important to set clear and precise objectives to give your company a direction. As with your reviewing, take time to think (and write down) how you see your current business and how you see it in the future. What targets? Which partners? What work organization?


Make good resolutions

September and its gentle resumption of activities allows us to shake up (gently, of course) our business models. It’s time to try new alternatives, so give it a try! If you’ve noticed that homeworking is not suitable for you, why not try coworking?

Coworking is an ideal alternative to homeworking. It allows you to evolve in a dynamic and proactive environment. Meet fast-growing companies like yours and quickly build a strong network. At Hive5, we encourage contact between co-workers. Want to give it a try? Book your free trial day on

Don’t be afraid to take risks: every failure is an advancement, every innovation sets you apart from your competitors.


Start with simple tasks

Your activity has surely been slowed down or even stopped this summer. To get back to work, do not overload yourself, it’s the best way to get lost and not move forward. Start with short term and easy missions. This will help you gradually get back into your routine and work rhythm.

Call your clients, complete small projects, regain control and gradually give yourself time for your bigger projects.


Reactivate your network

As it’s hard to resume good work habits after these last few months, don’t go through this ordeal alone. Reactivating your network is a healthy way to find motivation and take stock of the situation.

Call or meet your contacts! Catching up with your network is essential for your activity and to get back to work in the best conditions.


Want to try new opportunities? Try one of our coworking spaces for free for a whole day by following this link.

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