Why do millennials love coworking?

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Millennials make up more than half the working population nowadays. And more and more of them are in coworking spaces. CBRE, a worldwide association of business real estate consultants, reckons that “classical” working places will be a minority by 2030. Why?

Millenials are the “start-up generation”

The financial crises of 2008 has dramatically affected the labour market. Nowadays, more and more young graduates launch their own business or look for job opportunities in more creative companies, such as start-ups. The millennials are looking for more sustainable and more humane ways to leverage their working environment to boost productivity. As a consequence, more and more of them are showing up in coworking spaces.

They created the sharing economy

Airbnb, Uber, ListMinut,… All these companies have been founded by millennials and owe their success to this generation. Buying your own a car was a passage rite in the 50s. Nowadays, millennials favour access to shared goods, and shy away from big expenses. Coworking offerts them such an opportunity.

They yearn for experiences, not goods

Millanials are more interested in experiences than buying a house or a car. Travelling, make new discoveries, enjoying concerts and festivals are their favourite pastimes. Coworking offers them new experiences, and provides them with a way of introducing the “experience principle” in their daily worklife.

They want to be part of a community

Unlike their elders, the millennials are less sedentary and less religious. But they are the most connected generation of history, online and offline. Coworking allows them to be part of a community and to avoid the isolation that comes from working at home.

They want to grow

Millennials spend twice as much money every month on personal development than baby-boomers. They are more likely to spend their lunch break attending a workshop, and to go to the free training sessions provided by coworking spaces.

The old-fashioned workplace is more than a century old. Today, workplaces are quickly evolving to keep pace with the desires and expectations of the new workers. And if you are not convinced yet, just take a look at our ten reasons to try coworking now.



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