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Be Collaborative

At Hive5 we strongly believe that highlighting the collaborative side of entrepreneurship can make a world of difference for your business and its future. Getting people surrounded by other positively like-minded collaborative bees will be of great influence for not only your productivity and motivation but also your work-life balance. As a part of the Hive5 community, we will help you feel more confident, tap into huge networks, innovate together with other similar-minded entrepreneurs and keep learning new skills. Hive5 empowers connection, collaboration and creativity to help you reach that goal you have always wanted to reach.


Be Boosted

Thanks to the collaboration and immediate support from Securex, our hive will enjoy a facilitated access to its expertises: Professional advice from their business coaches, HR coach, Legal advisors, Social experts,… through collective training, inspiration sessions or packages.

Let us know what you need, we will do our best to provide you with the means to collaborate, create & innovate together to make your business and your life successful.


Be Happy

A happy bee is a bee that achieves its objectives and gets the job done, but it is also a bee that can enjoy life and fly away from its burden. By joining Hive5 you will enter an entrepreneurial community putting happiness & sense at the heart of its activities and facilities.

Therefore you will be able to access the collective “leisure” zone to enjoy your lunch, have a buzz with other members, play ping-pong , read your favorite book, listen to music,… Would you like to book the zone for inviting clients or team members, organize workshops or have an afterwork? Let’s talk about it, we’ll make it happen for you.

Be happy in your life, be happy in your business, be happy at Hive5!


In figures

A hive for people who strive to be successfull, happy and free in their business and their lives.

Cours Saint-michel 30, 1040 Etterbeek



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