5 excellent reasons, confirmed by several studies, for you to start coworking!

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So you haven’t yet tried your hand at coworking? A great many research studies have confirmed the benefits of this new manner of working. Read on to find out more!

1. Improving your own skills

When you are working in a coworking space, you are surrounded by professionals of all kinds. During a coffee break you may come across a freelance accountant or you could get to know a community manager over lunch. It’s an ideal opportunity to make new business contacts or expand your knowledge. According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR) assessment of a number of coworking spaces, 80% coworkers “turn to other coworking members for help or guidance.”

2. Boosting your network

All your coworkers are professionals, many of whom could prove to be useful contacts for your business. Don’t forget to take care of your network! Every coworker is a potential client or partner. The HBR study also showed that 82% coworkers had expanded their professional networks and 64% of the professionals interviewed had added that the new network acquired through coworking had led to new business jobs and professional referrals.

3. Pushing your productivity to the max

You can boost your productivity by working in a shared workspace. When you are teleworking, you do not have a clearly defined boundary between work life and professional life. But when you travel to a coworking space, this establishes a true separation between work hours and leisure time. Research carred out by the “Global Coworking Unconference“, for which 1500 coworkers were surveyed, reveals that 84% said they were more engaged and motivated as soon as they had taken this new step.

4. Joining a new social circle

Working from home has its advantages, but it can leave people feeling lonely, even isolated. The HBR study also revealed that members of a coworking space meet each other for social reasons (87%) and socialise after work hours and/or at the weekend (54%), with the result that they have felt less lonely since they joined (83%). This means that social life is a key attribute for those who have chosen this way of working. Digital Wallonia’s 2017 survey confirms this trend: 97% of the coworkers surveyed mentioned the reduction of isolation as the most positive impact for them personally.

5. Cutting down overheads

Regus, the world-leading supplier of flexible office spaces, interviewed over 22,000 professionals. For 89% of those interviewed said that one of the most important benefits of coworking is its value for money. What’s more, 73% believe that this is the answer for gradually rolling out your business without having to fork out unaffordable set-up costs.

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