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What you will find at HIVE5

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Flexible hours in open space or permanent offices, find a formula that fits your work style.

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Team meetings, customer meetings, seminars… you will find the space that meets your needs. Use our office-on-demand service.

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Offer yourself and your teams a place where it’s good to live to increase engagement and productivity. It’s proven: 38% of companies say they have increased their revenues since moving to co-working.

Hive5 Coworking, the early days

2016, the first HIVE5 Coworking

The Hive5 adventure began in 2016 when Securex decided to transform part of its offices, located near the Cinquantenaire in Brussels, into a coworking space. Very quickly, the idea of a hive of activity for entrepreneurs emerged and the 1,200 m2 of space offers a mix of coworking spaces, meeting rooms and a few private offices, all in a warm and modern decor. The principle is quite simple: members should be able to work in the best conditions and feel “at home”. A place where entrepreneurs can work, meet, share, laugh and grow together. A successful bet!

2017 marks the first expansion of Hive5

From the beginning, Hive5 has distinguished itself by animating and managing its community. A key alliance that works since a year later, a 600m2 additional space is developed to meet the demand. This time, the improvements were carried out in collaboration with the (future) members of Hive5 and the whole space became a fully equipped shared and private office space, completed by shared facilities such as meeting rooms, a lounge area, a Hive 5 café, a rest area, a shower and a cafeteria. One year later, the members of the Etterbeek hive are cramped and when the opportunity to expand arises, Hive5 seizes it.

July 2019: IPM joins Securex to create the Hive5 Group

This new space is housed in the buildings of the IPM press group, which decides to join the Hive 5 adventure in July 2019. Together, they create the Hive5 group, the company that will now develop the Hive5 network and brand in Belgium.

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