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We have already talked about it on this blog: coworking has a tons of positive aspects. But did you know it can also bring you new clients? Here are a few testimonials from Hive5-ers.

Let’s start with Hive5 itself: Gaël Van Gijsegem, founder and manager of Hive5 Coworking has already hired his coworkers. “I think it’s crucial that the members of our community build business ties with each other. So I decided to take the lead in doing so.” Right from the start, Gaël started to appeal to his first coworkers. “Our invoices, for example, are created using Smoall, an online SME-management app created by Bastien Wauters, one of our first clients. Since then, Bastien has also found clients inside the Hive5 community. Moreover, we have developed Hive5 Business Tools in collaboration with Smoall. Later, when we created a more complete website, we turned to France Watelet, another coworker, who designed the site and put it online. As far as content is concerned, it was all provided, included this very article, by Fred and Lise, from Ex Abrupto.”


Ex Abrupto is also a Smoall client, by the way. “I met Bastien in another coworking space”, Fred, Ex Abrupto’s founder, explains. “I really dug his software. And I do not say this because I like Bastien: when we first met, I was studying the market for such apps, and I did not find anything suited to my needs. Smoall was exactly what I was looking for, and I still haven’t found anything better! Plus, it’s really cool to have your software provider in the same coworking space. When I have a question or I want to suggest an add-on, I can go and talk to him. In the meantime, Bastien has also become a client of Ex Abrupto, since we are delivering articles for his blog. We also do the same for Skwarel, and for the clients of  Comptaline, by the way. Incidentally, we are also Comptaline customers. And Patrice, the CEO of Comptaline, was the first to talk to me about Hive5: he was Gaël very first client!”


No need to be one of the old-timers to benefit from the Hive5 network. Catherine de Buck has experienced it first-hand. “I came to the Hive5 opening, and I took a hafl-time office, but I wasn’t there very often. Then, one day, Bastien came to me because he needed some translations. Gradually, I came to have a more commercial job at Smoall. And when I started coming more often, other coworkers came to me.  I started working for Aislin, who works at the Hive5 for a European non-profit, and now I work for Pax Familia too.”

Catherine still helps Bastien, but Bastien has also hired a trainee of Diversicom. “It’s a non-profit that helps disabled persons finding jobs in the private sector. Christophe Benoit was doing a one-month ‘discovery traineeship’ at Stepchange, another Hive5-er. We talked one day while having lunch at the Hive5 cafeteria. After his traineeship was finished, he started working for Smoall.”

So, what about trying Hive5-flavoured networking? Book your free trial day and join our community. Or even better: come to our next networking event and see our busy little bees in action!

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