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Today there are a whole lot of tools to help entrepreneurs and SMEs work faster and better. We have selected some apps that will make your daily life a whole lot easier!

  1. Keep current tasks on track

Fed up with all those messy post-it reminders that clutter up your desk?  Using the Trello app, based on a system of cards and columns, you can easily schedule your tasks and keep track of their progress.

  1. Make your workflow really flow

Fed up with repetitive tasks?  You can use  Zapier and IFTTT to connect your apps thanks to “if/then” logic. For example, if I receive an email with attached invoice (trigger), then save the attachments in my Drive (action)”. Setting tasks like these on automatic will save you lots of valuable time.

  1. Interact with colleagues

Do you need a “chat” app for discussing your projects, exchanging ideas and sharing files? Try using the business communication app Slack to set up individual business chats, either with your team or with groups of people, including your clients.

  1. Boost your productivity

Ever heard of the “Pomodoro Technique”? This is a system of dividing your working day into “sessions” of 25 minutes of total concentration, followed by short breaks. Fancy trying this out? A great way to start is to use the  PomoDone  timer, as it also helps you to block out any notifications during each work session.

  1. Keep up with your timesheets

If you need to know how much time you are spending on each task or project, you should really try out Time DoctorThis software not only times and records your work sessions, it also brings you back into line if you find yourself aimlessly surfing websites or Facebook.

  1. Improve the look of your questionnaires

If you instinctively reject online questionnaire forms because they are not user-friendly, then Typeform is for you. This app helps you to create clean-looking questionnaire forms, either based on their templates or custom-designed by you.

  1. Simplify document sharing

With Google Drive  you can store documents “in the cloud” and share them with anybody: your team, your clients, your suppliers. Its top advantage is that several people can work simultaneously on the same document.

  1. Work smarter when taking notes

Evernote  provides a way of pulling together all your “must keep” info into one place, properly filed and ready to share: hand-written notes, photos, scans, screen captures from websites, pdf documents, etc. Its advanced search tool and a system of notebooks and tags makes it easy to find back all this information in just a few clicks.

  1. Create stunning graphics

If you want to give your presentation the “wow” factor, then try using Canva to create attractive graphics quickly online.  If you are short of time, you can go faster by using some of the thousands of free online layouts .

  1. Organise your business management

If your business management tools starts looking as complicated as a Swiss knife, then you should give Smoall a try. This online app package includes project management, progress charts, setting up estimates and invoices, team schedules. That’s not all – it can even send your invoices off to your accountant!!


Those apps are a good head start to boost your productivity. You want to boost your creativity and networking as well? Why not try coworking?

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