How does coworking makes you more productive ?

Comment le coworking vous rend plus productif

Productivity! This is the watchword of companies today, which are looking to boost their employees’ productivity. And if the answer to all this was coworking?

The line between work and private life is sometimes very thin in telework.

One quickly takes precedence over the other, affecting motivation and therefore results. A true separation of work and leisure can restore a healthy balance, and coworking is often the key. A study by the Global Coworking Unconference found that 84% of respondents are more motivated and engaged since taking the plunge.

Being surrounded by professionals from various fields

…also makes it easier to create synergies between coworkers. You might run into the community manager you need or bump into a legal advisor in a hallway. Your network, and your opportunities, grow as the coworking space grows!

The feeling of belonging to a new social circle

… would also enhance work efficiency. Working from home has many advantages, but it also has its drawbacks. One of the most difficult to combat is loneliness. Here too, coworking provides a solution to this problem! A study by the Harvard Business Review tells us that 87% of people who regularly attend a coworking facility were led to bond with their colleagues. The Digital Wallonia survey confirms this trend: 97% of the employees surveyed mentioned the reduction of isolation as the most positive impact for them.


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