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Dear lecturer, here we are again, with a new article about quarantine ! Who says confinement means isolation, a particularly anxious situation for some of us.
How to overcome anxieties, and how to make this period less difficult ? We have some answers to those questions…

1. Reserve moments for yourself

Event if it seams obvious, the importance of entertainment is underestimated, and mostly during home office. This cultural interlude can however take the form of a break between two hours of work ! A book,  a yoga session, a podcast, or a recipe, activities are varied and the pleasures with it.

2. Do not abuse social networks, and news channels !

If it is essential to keep informed of the situation, it is however easy to fall into an infernal circle of information. It is then necessary to know how to make the part of things by consulting reputable media, and avoiding to watch during 5 hours the news live.

3. Keep on learning !

In the Internet age, nothing could be simpler ! In addition to being useful, these culture sessions will allow you to focus on one point, et forget your anxiety. Between webinars, online training or cooking classes in video, it’s never too late to start ! You could find the perfect idea for your website, or upgrade your knowledge…

4. Have plans for post-confinement

Whether they are personal, professional, for in a month or a year, having plans is good!

And you ? How will you spend your first day as a deconfined ? Hive 5 has already an idea…

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