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Dear lecturer, if you read this you might be confined because of COVID-19, just like us. As we created our coworking space in order to avoid home-working, we know it can be difficult to focus. Kids, series, sunbathing for the lucky ones, we’d rather do everything but work… Let us give you some advices to keep you focus on your objectives ! 

  1. Environment 

Creating an atmosphere conductive to work helps a lot ! If you can, work from another room than the one you sleep in, and near a direct light source. Try to get back to the way things were in your office : you were used to working with some music? Listen to it ! If you need some inspiration, we created a Spotify Playlist. 

2. New objectives 

You won’t be able to work as much as you were three weeks ago : some of your projects are in standby, maybe you don’t have access to all the ressources you need, and there are definitely too many distractions around you !  If you can’t focus on your work, maybe it’s time to set new goals, you really want to work on, such as that little project in your head for which you’ve never had the time to work on…
You also have to adapt to the situation, and it’s particularly true in the communication field! How to communicate on your social media during Covid-19? We found this article very interesting ! 

3. Exercise ! 

Okay you can’t go out ! But you can still exercice from your living room. Nothing easier, take a gym mat (or a towel, no excuses) and do some abs. Stand up, one leg in front of you, one behind, get down, the knee behind you must touch the floor, then stand up again. And eventually, you don’t have free weights? No worries ! Take a 1 liter bottle of water, now you have one (and don’t forget to drink) !

Most importantly, don’t feel guilty ! This situation is unprecedented, and everyone has his own way to manage it ! If you work from you bed, in pajamas, binge watch your favorite serie and don’t exercice well.. . That’s good ! 

This experience comforted us in our beliefs : it is way easier to work from an office, and to separate professional life, from the personal one. But at the same time, we learn from the situation, and it helps us setting new goals that meet yours ! 

Want to chat ? You cannot book a free trial for instance, but you can still book a call ! 
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