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A recognised springboard to success for start-ups and entrepreneurs, Hive5 is using its Securex Group membership to provide an additional boost to its community members, giving them a helping hand on their road to success.


Our common goal is your success

The Hive5 coworking space emerged from an initiative by Securex, a firm that seeks to provide freelancers and entrepreneurs with a workspace that is modern and dynamic, yet cosy. Coworkers get to meet and help each other within the Hive5 community. The strong networks they create enable them to move forward together towards their individual business successes. To help them, Hive5 also establishes partnerships with any external start-ups that are likely to bring added value to its members, such as myteamplan and GoLegal.



Securex, your business partner

If you are an entrepreneur in need of solid advice, then don’t hesitate to partner with Securex! 

They will provide you with assistance at every stage of your business. Your benefits will include advice, training courses, and ad hoc practical support in any of the following areas:

  • Refining your ideas and developing your business
  • Business strategy and customer growth
  • Managing your business finances
  • Personal development
  • Daily management of your business


Join the hive!

The Hive5 community is open to everybody, even if you are not a member. Members enjoy the benefit of easy access to Securex resources, and they can claim preferential rates for social administration, HR services and the business portal. Aiming to build even stronger links with entrepreneurs, Joëlle Boutefeu, a Business Coach at Securex, comes to Hive5 every Monday to provide help and mentoring to any entrepreneur who needs it.


First staff hire, thanks to Hive5 and Securex

Fred Wauters, founder of Ex Abrupto, seized the opportunity to make his first staff hire. “While I was talking to Gaël, the Hive5 manager, about my intention to hire my first employee, he immediately put me in touch with Joëlle,” Wauters recalls. “Joëlle helped me a lot, firstly in working out how much it would all cost, then she took me through the many stages of becoming an employer. I felt I was getting some really practical help, and this gave me renewed confidence. Later on, my Securex client counsellor helped me on the same topic with the same professional touch. I don’t think I would have taken the leap so soon if I had not received this helping hand from Hive5.”


If you too would like to benefit from these advantages, come and work with us for a full day and discover what Hive5 has to offer.

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