With Hive5 you can join us in sustainable coworking

Avec Hive5, participez au coworking durable

Is ecology an important cause for you too? Then come and discover the sustainable initiatives implemented by Hive5. Perhaps some of them will inspire you? For several months now, Hive5 has decided to implement a sustainable development policy. The various initiatives touch on several aspects of the coworking community: transport, food, and even the cleaning of the premises! And if Hive5 has already implemented some initiatives, others are planned such as: the provision of electric scooters for its members!

On the way to “Zero Waste”

Are you frustrated by plastic packaging in plastic packaging too? Hive5 has teamed up with Lili Bulk in an effort to produce less waste. Lili Bulk glass jars are 100% reusable. And that’s not all: disposable cutlery, cups and mugs have also been banned from the coworking area. Now even plastic cutlery is reusable… and even dishwasher safe!

Stop plastic straws with Bambaw

Plastic straws are a real scourge for the environment and marine life. They are too thin to be recycled and fall through the cracks of the sorting nets. As a result, they end up in the oceans and, later, in the oesophagus or respiratory tract of its inhabitants. At Hive5, you will soon be able to drink your drinks with Bambaw’s 100% biodegradable bamboo straws.

Hive5 helps you with healthy eating

At Hive5, we don’t just have can dispensers and other snacks. You’ll also find fresh produce available in our fridge. This is an opportunity for all members and visitors to taste the products delivered every week by Full of Good: 100% Belgian and healthy fresh fruit and vegetable juices, without colourings or preservatives.

Office cleaning? Yes, but ecofriendly!

Hive5 has also contracted an eco-friendly cleaning company, Edan Clean. The products used by this company are all 100% biodegradable. They contain enzymes that degrade organic compounds and make them harmless to the environment: impeccable cleanliness, in the office and in nature!


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